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One person's "blunt personality" is another person's "what an as*hole."

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Most people who ask a question do not want the whole truth or sometime no truth at all. They want you to reinforce what they already think. Than there is the sugar coating so many like. When someone ask me a direct question (not on here can not do the same), I ask them at least twice are you sure you want an honest answer. It gives them time to pull back if that is not their goal and many have took me up on not answering their question. Saves a lot of time and feelings.

On here, hey sorry straight and upfront is the only way to answer someone. If you are dialoging it might be different, difficult maybe but could be done.

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The key word here is "blunt". Being blunt means being brutally honest, in some cases so much so that what you say is harsh. A lot of people cannot deal with the truth, do not want to know the truth, and/or do not want to be spoken to in a manner that disregards their feelings. Bluntness is not necessarily a positive trait.

If people constantly react negatively toward your personality, you're probably being "blunt" to the degree that people not only feel that you disregard their feelings but feel that you are also self-righteous about doing so. "Why are you getting so upset? It's not my fault that you can't handle an honest opinion."

At this point, you no longer "have a blunt personality", but are what is commonly known as "a jerk" (to put it kindly.) In order to change this, you need to train yourself to phrase things differently (thus exercising tact, restraint, and consideration for others.)

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I have had that before too.

It's cuz most people aren't blunt.

So I recommend working with them. You know, like try to sugar coat it for them. Hate to say it but some people can't handle hearing honesty unadorned with a fluffy cushion.

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being point blank is one thing .but harping over type o mistakes or mistakes or turning the questions around to mean a totally differant meaning is something else.I don't believe some one can spell every word in the dictionary to me this is pointless

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Now ask yourself, do you like it when someone answers you that way? OR talks down to you in any way?

You can be blunt but don't be offensive when doing so......

try it.

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i have no clue

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