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Like those people who need to always look on the outside, like authorities, leadership, culture, and pre-made ideals to have any sort of ethics. I understand that we need some common social ethics to keep society stable. Like opposition to rape, murder, violence, theft, vandalism, pollution, and political corruption. Yet some people cannot even think outside of the box, and thinks that only some external source can offer any morality whatsoever.
ratburn ratburn 18-21 1 Answer Nov 7, 2012 in Hobbies

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Although I agree with you, some people are natural lemmings and need an external motivational or morality source. As the Milgram experiment has pointed out, people are more likely to express morality if they see others do it first. Monkey see, monkey do. So yes, systems of morality indoctrination can lead to a positive social outcome.

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