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i text a guy i had only met once after 2 months. i was expecting him to aks who i was since it had been so long. instead he kept the conversation going for a while and finally asked me (later on) "veronica from where?" so i responded "you don't remember?" he then said "i didn't save your number" so i asked "then how do you know what my name is?" he said "because of your last four numbers" i thought to myself how silly this guy is acting. ofcourse i asked him "what about my last four numbers?" he didn't answer back for a while and finally he text again saying "i forgot to save your number" i laughed to myself just to see how crazy this guy is acting. why can't he just say no i don't, refresh my memory. why lie? he got tangled in a lie that was completely unnecessary making a fool out of himself and insulting my intelligence at the same time which i HATE, why lie if you don't have to? what does that say about their personality? what do u think?
veronica4ever veronica4ever 26-30, F 2 Answers Dec 20, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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you have a vagina get used to it

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lol, i understand when you have to lie to save yourself from getting in trouble. everyone does that. but if there is no need to lie why do it?

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it is a defect nothing more or less

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