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After suffering from one UTI after another, I started wearing only white cotton panties and sleeping in the nude. The cotton panties and nude sleeping keep me aired out down there. Another reason is that I love the way it feels, being nude between the sheets.

Only disadvantage is my dog often sleeps on my bed. I've been rudely awakened several times with his cold wet nose right in my p..... : )

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Makes me feel sexy

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Because it feels like that they are welcome and feel comfortable.

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I sleep in the nude because I am more comfortable.I feel like my movement is restricted by wearing pjs.In the summer time,I don't even get under the covers.During the colder months of the year,we have a heater in the bedroom,and a mattress warmer,so I can sleep uncovered in the winter time as well.

Being nude also makes playing with myself easier.If I don't want to wake up my wife,I take care of myself.

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i love to sleep nude .. it makes me very glad .. :)

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At first, it was arousing to be naked under the sheets. I remember around age 10, I would take my PJs off under the covers. I wasn't sure WHAT I was feeling, but I knew damn well it felt good. One time I fell asleep before putting my PJs back on [under the covers] and woke up freaking out in case someone walked into my room before school, and somehow figured it out.

Now, I sleep naked because - for me - it's the only way. I am naturally warm blooded, sleep with a window open all year round, and don't like a bunch of covers anyway. More clothes would feel restricting. Only when I'm sick or there are a bunch of people staying over [or sharing a hotel room with a business colleague] will I concede to wear bedclothes.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot: being naked in bed allows my wife to reach over, anytime of the night, and grab my penis. She likes to rub it to an erection "just to see if I still love her". Fine by me. I usually fall asleep before her, and she stays awake reading. She gets horny [WTF is she reading??] and then wants some action. Again, fine by me. She gets REALLY turned on if I pretend I'm still asleep, arms by my sides, and don't open my eyes. She gets on top and rides to an ******. It's pretty hard to pretend sleep by that time, so ....well, that's another story

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All those are good reasons and living alone is sure an enabler. So is wanting to flash The Woman Who... lives upstairs if she catches me going from bedroom to bathroom.

Sure some people don't sleep nude - for a lot of reasons. But it seems like a really natural item to be included in the list of sleep wear:

- nothing




-what you were wearing when you got home and were too tired to take off

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The only time I have done this was when I didn't have any clean pajamas.

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I hate the feeling of my body being strangled when I turn in bed, and nightclothes twist around me. But I do wear a beanie and gloves when I'm cold.

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so hot and it is more comfortable when you sleep nude..

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