Maybe they don't know.

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I totally. I just wish that there was media outlet on the dangers of using such products.

More people need to be informed.

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I agree. I'm sure I've done things, I thought was completely harmless, on my daughter. But I wouldn't know if someone hadn't told me. Like my mom, for example, she smoked while she was pregnant with me. She didn't know the harm behind cigarettes and pregnancy. Did this make her a terrible parent? Absolutely not. Because I'm sure that if they knew then what we know now about the dangers of smoking while pregnant, my mother wouldn't think twice about smoking.

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Exactly. If people were shown the truth then there would be more awareness.

There are people out there that are trying to spread the word on the dangers of products and I really wish media would media would play a role in sending the message

Because there would be converts of thought in seconds. So step by-step.

And people who use organic or the products have mainly the same goal and that is to try to be the best parent for their child.

I hope we all be continually blessed with the truth and implementation of good and be kept from darkness - ameen for us all❤️


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It's like putting kids on antidepressants that don't need to be. I am highly against a doctor diagnosing a 3 year old with pediatric bipolar disorder, and putting that child on a drug that has only been tested on 20 year olds. Or to provide pregnant women with antidepressants because she's a little depressed. This is the world we live in and it sucks.

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Omg well said.

Not every pain we go through needs chemicals. These medicines don't cure but "suppress" the pain or the so called disorder.

I know a woman who gives at least two different types of medicines when her children catch a simple "cold". When my little daughter had a cold, she asked me if was going to give her medicine. I just said no because if I consumed my recessions then my answer would be foreign and out of this world.

Like what's the immune system for and there are super simple organic remedies to tackle them.

Medicine is a business and I don't want to involve myself into their corrupt agendas.

At least before one takes medicine, research research and triple research and look for maybe organic healing alternatives.

But I'm not perfect in how I try to do this sometimes but may we all be guided towards doing what's best, amen💜

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I agree. When my daughter has a cold I don't give her anything.

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they know nothing

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