There was a similar question asking why people belittle and attack vegans and vegetarians. But now I want to ask why do so many of them do the same to people who are NOT vegan or vegetarian?!! What are some of your opinions?!!!
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Because they're narrow minded and are uncomfortable accepting other people's opinions. It's their problem.

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like I said before:

eat just grass for 10 days and you'll see how peesed you will be

When someone say I'm vegetarian I imediately pull my gun and shoot him.

Those bastards are dangerous !

and they smell like rats

(hehehe,they will block me hard for this)

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because meat eaters attack them, so they retaliate.

@morphinedreams, we don't believe it is murder, we KNOW it is murder.

@sneakyfox 'do some vegetarians eat grass?' no, they do not. (unless their name is Ray Mears. But he is certainly NOT a vegetarian/vegan)

@Majakovski **** YOU *******! You're the one's that are dangerous, you kill for food. Some people make me SO mad

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Thehatred1099, how is killing a duck or chicken or catching fish for food murder??!! Murder is the unlawful and intentional taking of a HUMAN BEING'S LIFE!! fish, chickens, ducks etc. are hardly human!! And many of you guys DO attack and try to convert us non-vegans!! And do any of you have any sense of humor, I don't think vegetarians really eat grass, I really don't care what they eat just stop trying to convert others and make us non-vegans feel "guilty" for eating animals!! I DON'T FEEL GUILTY AT ALL FOR EATING ANIMALS!! Notice how I don't use the word "meat eater; it implies that I just eat meat, and no vegetables, no that is not true!!! I hardly ever eat "red meat" ( just my personal choice and tastes) I prefer fish/seafood and poultry, and I certainly don't have to "justify" eating it to you!!! You want to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet go ahead, that is your choice!!

And yes we do kill for food!!! LOL

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Ive only ever met meat eater's who attack vegetarians about not eating meat.

Alot of shops are inconciderate of non meat eaters and will tell you something has no meat in it when infact it does. Some people don't like the taste of meat and others get sick from it.

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"Ive only ever met meat eater's who attack vegetarians about not eating meat."

Give me a break. Vegans always belittle meat-eaters. You just ignore it.

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It makes them feel they have the muslces they're lacking

-i have a couple vegan friends, we just play around. -- Meat, carrot it's a choice, either way, meh circle of life!

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Defense Mechanism?

After years of everyone (and their uncle!) having a go over them being "grass eaters" I guess it gets too much!

I'll admit to giving people who SAY they are veggie, but actually EAT some sort of meat (ie, chicken is quite a common answer) or fish, short shift......saying that they're "PLAYING AT IT"....rather than being serious about being a veggie...

The importance of words, eh?

Samantha xx

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As you may know, I'm a vegan. I also have worked in more than one steakhouse. I have nothing against people who eat whatever--it's a choice. It ain't for everyone. I do have environmental concerns, but again, that's my trip. We all make our own choices. To each their own.

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I have nothing at all against people who chose a vegan or vegetarian diet, for what ever their personal reason is and, I agree, it is a choice and not every one will thrive on it.

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