We are into the world where, all are so individual and have our own life and goals and we just try to see how we can use others for our goals .. Especially the extra rich people who just know how to play business games to get richer by all means

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cause were inperfect !!! and fight mother nature

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most of them we cause ourselves! :) And most of them are inconsequential anyway, in the great scheme of things!

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Because we create our own problems.

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Because of ourselves. We do not follow the universal ideals. We do not live the life we deep down want to be living.
Because we are easily lead astray by the false temptations of quick happiness.
Junk food, tv.
We do not know what we want but we want it so bad and when we don't get it, we become depressed.
When we try to replace it with false things... We become even more depressed.

Human life.

To each situation, there exists a way of thinking which will help us be happy out of that situation.
Which will help us grow.
We need to identify this and use it.

We need to take the pain for a good cause.

We need to know who we really are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Unless we know this.. Life cannot be complete.

We need it all. Real life is work.. Fun. Growing. Friendship.
We need it all.

Wrong, ineffective things will lead to human suffering. It's just a consequence. Not a punishment.

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