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I would think it IS normal... as far as I know men can't control "it" when "it" happens.

My opinion is if you don't want a man to stare at you and get turned on, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. Sheesh. I am so tired of women who complain that all men do is stare at their breasts but don't bother to cover up.

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It's unacceptable only to those "professional" nudists who claim that sex and nudity aren't related.

Most of these types of people are real power freaks who want to control everyone within reach - in particular when it comes to sexual activity on nude beaches.

They claim that sexual activity results in offended people and a clamp down by authorities. This is only partly true.

On our local nude beach, we have these "professional" nudists who get into a group, and who try to bully, embarrass, threaten, and otherwise hassle people (always men, of course) who are showing any kind of sexual behaviour.

They go up to single women and say things like "don't sit here, there are perverts about, come and sit with us, you'll be safer!".

Of course, this is the biggest load of BS ever, as there are just as many perverts and sexual deviates amongst professional nudists, as there are amongst the general population.

What these people can't believe - don't want to believe - is that there are plenty of women who are happy to come to the nude beach, ***** off, flop down, and indulge in some "stiffy watching".

Yes - Horrors! - there are women who enjoy voyeurism as much as men!

Fortunately, this "professional nudist" group has lost a lot of members and power, and they no longer hassle men with stiffys, or men and a woman indulging in mutual voyeurism and sexual activity.

The balance has returned to the beach, and the "no-sex" people now keep to themselves, and the sexy people have adult fun!! I love it!

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I would advise any man to lie down in some soft sand .... scooping out a little hole for his dinkle....

BUT C-A-U-T-I-O-N!!!!! make sure no crab(s) try and move in....and try and play castanets with your maraccas....

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just don't use it as a towel rack

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Very few nudists think that it's unacceptable to get a stiffy. Most nudists think that it's unacceptable to flaunt it. Simple as that.

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They all belong their, each in their own little sick, twisted way.

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Nudists say that being nude isn't about sex. So if a guy is walking around with a hard on then he's not a true nudist LOL

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Beach wood just takes me back to the good days, I grew up near a lake and skinny dipping and naked mud diving was common, I don't think any of us thought twice about getting turned on by the opposite sex...I would of worried if it was all guys only running around nude and one of us was sporting a woody.

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