It seems people stayed married much longer 50 years ago than they ever do now. What do you think are the determining factors that make make marriages different then than they are now?
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Life was so different 50 years ago.

For starters the roles of Men and Women (husbands and wives) were clear. Men would support their wives and children. Women would raise the children and run the home. Families lived close to each other and could therefore offer support to each other. Couples were able to get time together. Chores were done together giving partners quality time together.

These days many women work and expect to return to work after having children. This means men are finding themselves needing to assist with the running of the home and caring for children. With parents juggling work and household commitments this leaves couple with less time to spend together. Also it is harder to rely on relatives for support as they find themselves in similar situations including Grandparents whose roles have also changed over time.

Generally speaking most marriages have their troubled times but as most women didn't work 50 years ago all they got was their sewing machine if they left their marriage however these days greed for getting half of everything through divorce can seem easier (even better) than taking the hard road to work things out.

Electronics have also taken over the world meaning we can contact our partners via email, sms, social networking, mobile phone thoughout the day whereas years ago couples would spend all day looking forward to hearing from their partner when they arrived home.

It seems that although the changes our generation has woked so hard to create over the last decades have their merits tey have also had a huge affect on our relationships and therefore marriages may be suffering.

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I think that marriages lasted longer because there were set expectations for both parties. If an engaged couple today were to sit down and truely discuss their expectations of each other then they would go into their marriage with their eyes open and the answer "but I love him/her" shouldn't be excepted.

Also, barely anyone got divorced due to infedelity. If one or the other were to cheat they would have to get over it and move on. Hell, alot of men had steady mistresses and alot of women had their guys on the side too. Now, one slip up and it's time for a divorce. Then men and women had to do their best to work it out. Married til DEATH do you part, not just whenever.

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Better values and morals. Mutual respect that lasted over time. Kept an unchanging love in an ever changing world.

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Because they stayed faithful to each other. People today hop around from bed to bed.

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They learned to have seperate lives back then and to ignore what the other person was doing .. Then to come together and unite in the household... If we all learned how to live our lives like that again ... I'm sure we could have many more marriages last that long.. but people are much more nosey now!

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I completely agree with Whataheart.

The part missing in there is the pressures of society. It was a huge shame if a couple divorced and a woman living alone with children was something definitely wrong with. (I suppose that woman felt like how an AIDS-patient feels right now.)

You don't go looking for that kind of misery voluntarily. That is perhaps one of the biggest differences.

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Just because people stayed married didn't mean the marriages were necessarily good. They did what was expected of them, divorce wasn't an option and women had fewer opportunities to be independent.

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ppl were more devoted to their marriage, it was shameful to divorce. i dont really know whats better, i think they both have good and bad sides

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women didn't always have equal rights.

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