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Because they are strong, beautiful...noble, confident animals....

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They are beautiful, and unlike humans, only kill to live, not for fun.

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u guys heard of christian the lion?? (or was he a tiger? forgot.)

i thought he was pretty cool, his story was really touching. :-P :-)

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Christian was awesome!

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because they are beautiful

but if you think about it..everything that's alive is a predatory animal..they all have to eat ..except for herbivores'

chickens eat slug and snails

cats eat birds and mice

fish eat other fish

insects eat other insects

people have been known to eat other people

worms eat anything

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many people envy the freedom from judgement that they have. To go up and take what you want regardless of other opinions is true power of the wild. To run up and take a baby for food (baby animals of course), to have sex with your chosen mate right infront of all your buddies, licking your genitals with ease whenever you feel like it........ and not be looked at as an animal but rather as a creature 'doing what it was born to do' (the lion or the tiger etc) ... the freedom from judgement is huge

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because of their pride.. unfortunatly.

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Because they haven't learned to appreciate the fine lines of a good robot yet.

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some peo[ple are in to it and some people are not ?

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