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I suspect its for the same reason that young people like to poke each other or do outrageous things to one another - because they are bored and want to see if the other person is still "alive" (paying attention) and if not, to get them to do so.

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I think because they are just mean and they want to get a rise out of u

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Why does a boy hurt a girl intentionally, even though he says he likes her a lot?

Pinksilklady just curious as to your thoughts on how dads could teach their boys to respect girls more?

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A lot of times people do things to hurt other people (when they do in fact like them) to see what their effect on them is. It's usually a subconscious action. I think most of the time people aren't being consciously manipulative but I've been in relationships where one person or the other will pick a fight to see if you the other person is really in it and committed or will leave at the first sign of trouble. This usually stems from an insecurity that you need or want the other person more than the other person wants you.

Also for some people it's difficult that liking someone gives that person so much power over them. Sometimes lashing out at the object of desire is a reaction to that discomfort.

All that being said doesn't excuse this sort of behavior. Ultimately this behavior is totally self defeating and isn't good for anyone.

I was telling a friend once about an argument I was in with my boyfriend. I was saying that I didn't feel that I should apologize for whatever reason. My friend said to me 'whenever you have the opportunity to be generous with the person you love, do it. Be generous' That advice has helped me a lot. That's not to say I'll apologize or admit wrong doing if I haven't done anything wrong but it has taught me to try to think about where the other person is coming from and figure out the best way to open up communication instead of sinking into miscommunication and antagonizing behavior.

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A "question" UP TO MY TASTES.

Girls "hurt boys" because THEIR fathers "do not provide

them with the PROPER lessons 'In Life'."

A "dad" to a girl SHOULD:

Teach them to dress and behave "in a feminine manner"


Know WHEN to say "yes" to his daughters' requests and when to say "no". WITHOUT 'losing his cool'.

NEVER allow HIS Wife 'To Countermand A Decision He

makes' concerning THEIR daughter. THIS will 'ONLY' cause "the girl" to ALWAYS Run to Her Mother.

Practice "these" steps AND "girls will LEARN to Respect

the Opposite Sex (ie. Boys).

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It's because she likes to test him. If he loves her regardless what she does then his love is more appreciated. When I test and males fail, I am out!

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I'd say something isn't right in the girls head.

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open your eyes dude!play

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Because she doesn't like him a lot...

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Same reason a boy does. They get the person interested. Usually people do not like rejection or being picked on so they tend to focus on that person. It is the way immature underdeveloped people (namely kids) cope with their feelings of attraction.

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