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BaddBree BaddBree 18-21, F 4 Answers Oct 7, 2011

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There are many reasons I guess, fear, isolation, money, confidence the list goes on. If you have asked this question a lot and you know someone in that situation stand back be a support to her, let her know there is help out there and you as her friend are there for her.

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She is my ex-girlfriend. I offered to help her even though we have much hatred towards one another. I didn't want her children in that situation. She won't press charges on him and sadly DFCS has been notified by the police down there. I tried to warn her of his past when she first got with him. She now has a child by him and he has held the child hostage and said he would kill them all if she left. He was at work one day and she called and asked for my mother and I to come get her and the kids. It took us three hours to get there and then she changed her mind and wouldn't leave. He has no real power over her except for being her drug dealer. The only reason I believe she is staying. She gets high and forgets about the important things. She won't even talk to me now. I would like to know how my cousin is doing. She slept with my uncle while we were together. That is why we don't get along. Sorry if I started rambling, I just get worked up when talking about this topic.

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There are numerous reasons as to why a battered wife stays with her abusive husband, fear of leaving and being on her own, threats that have been made against her life if she DOES leave, perhaps she hasn't been in the work force for numerous years, and her husband is the sole breadwinner in the family......if there are children in the relationship, finances....but I will say this...most women WILL leave if their abuser starts to abuse the children....that seems to be the true breaking point, and catalyst to propel them forward to seek a better, and violence- free environment and relationship......

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