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Zionism. Isn't it the hieght of gall for Israeli commandoes to storm onto an international aid ship, and then claim self defence. The personell on the aid ship had every right to defend themselves. Israel is a terrorist state. Between 20-24 volunteers onboard have been killed and at least 50 injured, according to various reports, but the number of casualties has risen rapidly from the initial reports of two dead. The final death toll could be greater

Blushark: civilized? Hardly! THUGS and terrorists is what they are!!

USS Liberty!!

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Because a lot of Jews have many fingers in many American pies. The Jews run nearly everything in the states, from the media to the Amerian administration.

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They can not be seperated. They are one and the same.

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Clitmit, and Paschar come close to the answer; but fail to reach the important point. This subject must start with the bible. The Old Testament. Where someone said that the Jews were Gods chosen people. They say that God said they were his chosen people. Well Jews have been paying for centuries for this statement. In blood,war, and extreme hardships. They will continue to suffer for this statement until the end of time. Why? God is considered by Jews, Christians, Muslims as a father figure. "Our father who art in heaven", many passages like this through the whole Bible (old and New Testament). Which makes us his children. Now I don't know any father who would say to one of his children "You are my chosen one, I love you more than your brothers and sisters" You would be setting up that child to be persecuted for the rest of his childhood. And resented for all of his adulthood. A good father would not proclaim this. God is the model of a good father. That tells me that the statement The Jews are Gods chosen people did not come from God, but from man. And that man has set up Israel for a life of no peace in this world. Ever! This does not please me. It truly saddens me. I wish peace not only for Israel, but for the entire planet.

So to sum it up. America is a very Christian nation. We say we must separate church and state, but that's impossible. We believe in the bible as written. We cannot ignore the Old Testament and what is written. The Jews are Gods chosen people. To deny this statement, is to go against the Holy Bible itself. So we kiss Israel's ***. We go along with anything they do knowing it's wrong. Every president has, and every president will. That's if they want to be president.

May God bless and help us all.

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I am so sick of all of the right wing expecting all of us in America to support Israel no matter what! We shouldn't automatically just except everything they do and I think Obama is right in not kissing their you know what! What is so wrong with him staying neutral? The republicans don't care what Israel does to the Palestinians and i am sick of it. Israel wouldn't have a military if it were not for America and then they use it to hate when they were so hated, it makes no sense. They hate muslims as much as muslims hate them but we are supposed to just expect it and kiss their butts? Enough is enough! Let israel fight their own battles, God knows we GAVE them the military to do it.

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Very simple. the US gives Israel billions in aid every year. They use that money to find AIPAC which used the money to purchase the US congress and senate. the rest go to "defense" contractors for weapons thus helping congressional districts with jobs and even more kickbacks

Does anyone know why Israel will never agree to become the 51st state?

Because states are only allowed to own TWO senators.

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Israel was created by the United Nations after WWII . Since that time the surrounding Arab nations have lost three wars to a small group of people who were mandated this land by a World body.

The Arab world could have recognized the mandate imposed on them by the United Nations at that time and had they done so there would have been two States now prospering side by side. Palestine and Israel. Understand that the recognition of Israel as country has been denied by the Palestinians for over 65 years.

We support Israel because it is the only democracy amid a sea of tyrannical countries surrounding it.

There something like a least a million Arabs who who live in Israel and are indeed Israeli citizens.

If you are looking for a villain in this piece you should look at the worthless United Nations whose mandates have for years done nothing to further peace in this world. An organization that we support fully by two thirds and is used as a constant platform against this country. Don't blame the Jews for Israel blame the united nations for making it a mandated territory.

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Well, think of a group of people well connected through their cultural and historical background, where their main interest is of dominating the less sharper one, by controlling the media, the financial institutions and laws.

Now think of a group of people not too bright, sort of like a herd sheep, that have found a pleasing life been taken care of, with booze pretty clothes, houses and a way of life that is pretty naive compared to how the real word is.

Okay now lets put this two together, oh wow! guess what? they can coexist!

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in the bible israel's god choosen people it states that wow to those who goes against it..these people been picked on all there lives.and I believe they would not have attacted if not provoked

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Got a quick one for this one ! , Since when has the Government Not been a Kiss *** ?? other than Nuking Japan. Paschar ( thats the blunt of it ) As for jewish influence , I goes against jewish beliefs to do anything that would profane us In the Eyes of God thus placing our very souls at risk . take a little time to read the tora and you will learn the truth of it .

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Ever heard of the "Samson Option"? Israel is holding the world hostage saying if they are ever on the verge of being brought down they will bring the rest of the world down with them (nukes). Scary, isn't it? The sci fi movie "They Live" is based loosely on the Zionists.

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