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I'm just saying, we hate it too, so stop hating us. People who aren't American have no ******* idea what we have to go through with this ****. It sucks.

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I dont know. If it were me I'd let the other countries fight it out as long as it doesn't affect us.

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I think that since they are perceived as the worlds most powerful democracy, the government feels it has a responsibility to act whenever there is a crisis. There are also many immigrants from the countries that they are trying to "help" who put pressure on the politicians to do something. In this latest crisis with Egypt and Libya, Obama was very careful not to be the first to say that the US will go into those places to try and resolve the situation. When the United Nations says it is time to do something, the US ends up taking the lead because they do happen to have the most military resources. I think it is going to take a long time for the world to forget the rein of George W. and the mess he and his administration created in Iraq. It's too bad all of America is often blamed for his mistakes, but I guess that's why people should pay more attention and vote.

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I think the UN is officially the world police, but the US is definitely the most powerful single country. Re:your question - I don't know their agenda each time they take military action, but it is good someone is doing something before war mongers go too far.

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BTW... How do you or anyone think that we know everything that the CIA and other intelligent agencies know? I believe there is a lot underneath the surface we will never hear about. We do not know the entire reasoning behind any leaders' and/or governments' actions.

The first answer that comes to mind is because we feel like the parent of other countries who are not equal to our development. It is that type of obligation. UN also "polices" the world somewhat and UN is "UNITED Nations."

To turn a blind eye to countries who are out of control and who may or may not possess nuclear weapons is just not smart....and there is also a kind of snowball effect that can happen. One small country that isn't in check begins to conquer all surrounding countries... suddenly they aren't so small anymore. They gain considerable momentum.. the problem is the conquering country is only out for power and to make others submit.

Under their non-government rights are completely trashed; murder is rampant; poverty, disease follow; atrocities are a mainstay. So in that sense, that is the reason why America "policies" the world... in conjunction with other countries who are a part of the UN and who are allies.


In response to an answer someone wrote.... Middle Eastern countries who are populated mostly by Muslims paired with propaganda, paired with limited literacy, paired with poverty, paired with being raised in a war torn environment and/or an environment where people are beheaded in public, women stoned, foreheads slashed even as a toddler and paraded around with others who have blood running down their face, paired with a cycle of generation after generation of more of the same; paired with.... (I can go on and on) will result in hatred toward Western society. It isn't just about America. It is about now understanding, being raised in an oppressive environment and all the reasons listed above. It isn't as simple as how a couple people answered here.

Man, if everything was so simple we would be so lucky.

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Unfortunately some in the world calls on us, Behind the wall of secrecy and denial to the public and why is that? im not being sarcastic nor do I feel that we are better then anybody ells. just a small incite that is never looked at. respectfully.

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Because 80% of the population is Christian and that religion has a history of needing to be control freaks.

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they are in a position to make a mark on the record book of time ... this will be their shinning moment ... it will all fall apart... it always does ... no country remained the most powerful force for more than a couple hundred years at a time (roman empire, Egyptian empire, Greeks, chinese, etc etc etc) ... this is the USA'S time to shine....

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I want to respond by saying as a former National Guardsman and as a Soldier now the United States makes money off of war. These wars are undergone in such a way that public opinion is more often than not in favor of them. For instance not a lot of people really car if we said 6 taliban or Al quida fighters died in a helicopter crash because we as Americans have been presented a horrible picture of what most closely resembles the Tea Party with guns.

Trust me the United States is not always on the side of the straight and sensible. For instance if the Dictator of a nation was overthrown by a democratically elected government which didn't support the United States (but the dictator was an ally or puppet of the U.S.) then the U.S. would fight to put that dictator back in power. It's a fact and it has happened before. Also if a country was going through internal struggle we would help l any side which seems advantageous for us, while condemning others who do the same. Look at Syria. There was no proof that the Syrian government used gas but we said they did. If I remember correctly the gas was used in a rebel stronghold and they had control of a few storage facilities. We said the Syrian government used the gas but why would they. They knew that the would needed a reason to support the legitimate government and it would be Counter - intuitive to do something like that. Rebels would care less.

Also if the u.s. supports a cause they are Rebels. If not then they are terrorist or extremists.

Most wars we fight from my view are due to personal conflicts. Iraq Suddam's family and The Bushes have had beef since the senior George was selling oil for the Bin Laden family in the Kingdom. Suddam wanted middle eastern oil for the Muslims and he wanted to control it (hence the first invasion of Iraq. ) The u.s. was cool with the Taliban being around when they were fighting the Russians but as soon as they and us no longer have a common goal they become expendable. The problem with bin Laden was that he hated that his family was dealing with the West with TWO of our presidents on payroll.

Lastly it's not that Suddam and the Taliban were killing people because all governments do that. The problem was that they were killing the wrong people and we're no longer our puppets...and what he fail to notice is that the middle east is literally Un conquerable. It's been tried over the course of hundreds of years but the crusades failed the Chinese failed Russians failed. We all fear death and value life. They dont. That's the problem besides there being no single identity to exploit. No single religion to play off. The fact that they were already established Centuries before our country means they KNOW they are right.

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