I have tried several times to do so, but am not accepted because it is only open to US citizens, is this not a world wide experience, or so I was led to believe....
LacyLiu LacyLiu 36-40, M 3 Answers Dec 5, 2013 in Community

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They're looking for More Idiots to Screw the Entirety of EP up!

You most likely were way too smart, have a great education and care too much!

Did you think this site is here as an altruistic Free Social Service?

If you really want to know the true motivation of E.P. and Any Other Website all you have to do is look at the ADS!

Ad Views and Click Through can add up to some Serious MONEY!

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They want your money

the mob who run the site are out of work hippy's

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I thought it was lazy Hipsters ... oh well!

It is a great way to make serious $$$ though!

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