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When people lie, it is not because they don't think you are worthy of the truth (though it does feel like that!) but because they believe THEY are not worthy and if they speak the truth, you will know that.

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I believe people lie to hide the truth because of fear of the truth, or just to make theirselves look better than what they think they are.

But not only you, are we all not worthy of the truth?

Any relationship from friend to lover should be based on thruth!

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Easier for who?

I've been told that I'm brutally honest - it wasn't a compliment.

Maybe I need to brush up on those social skills :)

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I just told the truth a few minutes ago and now she thinks I'm a freak and won't talk to me.

Oh well.

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Telling the truth requires facing the truth and that's not always easy at all.

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It has to be the company you keep. There are honest and loyal people out there, you just need to find them. It is very hard to. You do NOT deserve to be lied to, no one does even if the truth is going to hurt you.

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I'm always honest unless the information is none of their business or will cause me trouble if it were revealed at that time.

For example, suppose that I was gay but don't want anybody to know it, not even my family or closest friends. If you asked me right now if I were gay, I'd say no because I don't want anyone I know to read those words and find out yet. I will tell someone once I am good and ready. It is a protective lie.

Another example would be about my income. Suppose I make millions every year. If you ask me how much I earn annually, I will tell you $25K rather than be rude and say none of your business. You have no business asking me that question so I will respond with a lie as a way of being nice to you.

Still another would be to ask a guy if he killed your parents. If he did, and he doesn't want to go to prison for it, he'll say no. In this case the killer has no right to privacy so it's okay to interrogate him to get the truth out of him.

There are many more examples but I'll stop here. It's wise for you to know what kinds of questions to ask. You need to respect other people's rights to privacy where applicable. You mustn't put anyone on the spot, figuratively speaking.

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I lie a lot.

I've lied to make people feel better about themselves, most of us have done it, told aunt Petunia she doesnt look fat in her new dress when it quite obviously does. or when our best friend gets a horrible haircut but dont want them to feel parinoid with it and just wait for it to grow back out.

I've also lied to get myself out of trouble. I try to be creative with my excuses.

mostly school work. once I had one essay to hand in for English a piece of coursework for psychology and missing notes for my sociology and realised i couldnt get everything done in a few days.

so I tried to think of a lie that could take care of all of the subjects. I said on my way in from school I put my work on top of the hob on the oven then walked up to my room, and that my younger sister was learning to cook and turned on the wrong hob and that the whole thing went up. but i didnt just tell my teachers this, I talked to my friends casually about it to, just like you would if it was real, I then paid my sister to say it was true just incase my friends talked about it too her when they came around.

most of the stuff i say is true though, believe it or not, but sometimes I say stuff wuthout realising its a lie, and have to correct myself sometimes "sorry thats a lie, it happened more like this"

I don't lie to hurt people, when it comes to the way i feel i tell the truth, i think its wrong to play with peoples emotions, if anyone got blamed for my actions ive always owned up to it

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I have an inability to lie, I just can't. I can't see why people lie, probably because they want to make themselves look better in front of people they don't even know or like.

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i don't know why people lie, especially when it hurts others.

Yes, you are worthy of the truth, if that is important to you..don't settle for less...particulary when it comes to a partner or boyfriend.

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the biggest problem is when someone tells you the half true!

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I think some people think of relationships as a game. And to some people, lying comes as naturally as breathing.

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People either lie to exploit you, or they lie to defend themselves against you. If you are asking this question, in general people are lying to exploit you.

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People just suck, we were after all created equally! So that being said, seems to me that we get back what we give. So at some point you lied to someone so in turn you get lied to at some point in your life so you can feel what the people you have lied to felt.

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