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I've been texting this guy for almost 2 weeks now and we both like each other. So we set up a date to meet (I know he's real I've seen him befor at college). We set it on a Friday and he can't make it around 6pm but earlier (he had a good explanation) so me being hard headed canceled it completly until Monday. Monday Was no good for him either so he said Wednesday and I said I couldn't because its a long *** day for me at college. So it's friday AGAIN. I don't think he's messing with me because, HE's usually the one who texts me first everyday (sense we met) , so whats the point. Is he scared to meet me? He told my friend that I'm very direct and mature and he isn;t used to all that. I'm scared I'm going to bust if I don't meet him before we run into each other at college which is very possible, but I don't want someone playing with my nerves. P.S. He's not a player type. He's very nice and genuine
Emilia94 Emilia94 18-21, F 1 Answer May 11, 2014 in Community

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Tell him to get back with you after he resolves whatever issues he has.

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