there is a guy in my high school very handsome... i have a crush on him since i was 14 years old!!! (i'm 17 now) but i am too shy to talk to him. he is a senior this year and he is going to leave the city for the university. i want to tell him i like him very much, but he is kind of popular and -worst- he has a girlfriend that hates me. i don't know why, cuz i never talk with him, NEVER. i think he knows my name. sometimes he glares at me, and in my birthday he smiled at me, and he hugged me !!! i don't understand why does he look at me! he actually looks at me a lot, and sometimes in the school he passes near me smiling. he is so cute and smoking hot... i don't know what to do... i think that maybe he knows i like him, but obviously he doesn't hate me- and that's cool. lol
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Putting aside everything you said. How he's "smoking hot" how he's "so handsome" and how he's "popular" do you love this boy? Would you be willing to hurt the feelings of another girl (even though she hates you) for him? If you can't, then like denverguy said, find someone else. Because honestly, my toaster is smokin' hot, hell it even sizzles, but I don't love it.

Still if you love him, and are willing to hurt her to get to him, then go for it. If not, enjoy the feelings while they last.

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oh, to be in highschool again...*sigh*. Look, whether he likes you or not doesn't matter. If he has a girlfriend, back off. Nothing is worse than getting retaliated on by a pissed off girlfriend and all of her bitchy friends. In 5 years, none of this will matter, so don't lose any sleep over it.

As far as him looking at you, maybe you are pretty. Guys are visual creatures. They like looking. Leave it at that.

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yeah! high school... you know, i understand what you say. and sorry, im not going to be nice if i say this but you have to move on. thay guy is a selfish boy, cuz if he has a girlfriend (and it doesn't matter if she's a bi**ch) he can't see you the way he does. talking about her, i don't undersatnd why does she hates you!!! maybe she is afraid, and maybe he likes you and you don't even notice... that would be an answer of her hate. :)

hum, i think you are pretty and nice, and that boy is stupid if he doesn't do anything.

but maybe he knows you have a crush on him, and that is why he act like a jerk...

good luck, you'll find someone, and maybe it's going to be ... me!!

just kidding!

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Yup, I miss those days. I looked, smiled, hugged, etc. other girls even when I had a girlfriend. What I was doing was seeing where my options are. My junior year I was a girl that was amazing, gorgeous, fun, all that jazz...but being that I was an young guy with hormones running my brain I would look at other girls, flirt, all that fun stuff....did cheat a few times for sex. But it was just to get laid. I was low, what can I say.

Like iluvmypup said, 5 years and this wont matter. He is leaving, so let him go. Your going to be leaving soon, or moving on, so let the wave take you. There are millions upon millions of other guys out there. If your stuck on 1 guy...let fate do its thing.

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I have that question myself Lawlzzz

today this hot guy (I mean really hot)

he's nice and friendly, but I never thought he would look at me the way he did today, it was weird lolzzz

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"......and they call it..PUPPY Lu,u,uuve"

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You do not want to be one that steals a guy from someone and hurts another girl. How would you feel if someone did that to you?

My advice is find another guy. There are plenty of single ones out there.

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