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it is not like we are part cat or anything...but boy is it a special treat! Can't remember the last time i had them!
typoquene typoquene 41-45, F 5 Answers Aug 13, 2010

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its because its a spot you cant reeach , its denied to you so when you get access to the area by a partner the results are twice as good its the forbidden fruit.

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ITCH , ooh Yea , Just a little to the left , almost there , Closer, getting closer , STOP Your on target ( Sorry for show but this is what I go through , my wife can't Feel those itches , I can't reach back to scratch em thus it becomes a team effort , Now the prime reason they feel just OH So relieving is due to the fact that every nerve in the human body in one way or another either leads to or comes from our spines and it's the Itch factor that's telling your skin thats it's time for the old guard to depart as the new skin is forming , you ever get a sun burn , Now thats an Itch of the worst kind ( Just a little lower and to the left Dear , Yea right there ) , Of course ya know the favor Must be returned if we want more in the future , 50/50 still applies

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