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To start off... Life is not hard... at all... Its only hard because your in the mindset of it being hard.... of course situations occur where you feel stuck... but you have to keep moving forward... Its not all about what happens to you..but how you choose to respond to what happens.... if you honestly feel like you are sinking lower and lower... then something is obviously off...and you know this you need to throw in some change in your life.... because if you keep doing the same thing... your going to keep getting the same outcome... first step... you have to be happy with the situations you are in...because they are not going to change until your grateful... step 2... look for opportunities... anywhere...push for things you love.... step three... be in... do the things you love... make those friends you want... go those places you want to go... and if you feel like you don't have money for it... save... save to go to those places...but know that in your heart... you will get to where you wanna go in life... "don't stop believing" <--- a bit cheezy but it works.... im just saying... if you think of bad situations... your bound to manifest those bad situations... Focus on what you really want in life... and push towards it! = ]

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Well. Step 1. Don't do anything embarrasing in public. Step 2. If you have no money because the bank has all of it. Go to the bank and ask for some of it. Step 3. If I were you I would stop your gambling habit. If you have one. And that's the three steps I know to make life not so hard. I'll give you more steps tomorrow on April 20 2012 at four o clock in the afternoon if your not busy. Goodbye

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At age 8 I got a very painful auto immune disease. Their were no cures and any treatments failed. I was told by multiple doctors that I would be in pain the rest of my life. I was put on pa killers and my mom was warned to watch me because I would probably kill myself. I couldn't accept this. I am very hard headed. Their were days when I felt like this was unfair, that I didn't deserve pain all the time, but I made sure to keep a good attitude. At age eigteen I had a nerve stimulator implanted in my spine that helped me drasticaly. Whay I say all this is becase it is not the obstical that usualy holds us down... its the attitude about the sitation

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Note that quicksand has a particular quality... the harder you struggle, the deeper and faster you get sucked under.

The trick is to stop struggling.

Then very slowly raise one hand at a time, until you can rest both arms wide across, the surface.

Then begin, still ever so slowly, to raise a leg, then the other,

and then slowly draw yourself flat as a board across the surface.

Now use your arms in very shallow movements across the surface,

to pull yourself towards solid ground.

Keep remaining slow until most of your body is out,

and then you'll be able to easily pull yourself upright.

Its only a metaphor, but it works exactly the same in real life.

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I wish I had a answer for you.

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Oh man, join the effin club.

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Same here...only I feel like I sunk too deep & I'm now in a dark hole.

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life is hard on all of us, we just have to try and find something to keep us afloat, its hard i know and i blame the recession , hold tough it will get better thats what i keep saying to my self.

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How do you get out of quicksand? By not struggling and letting go.

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