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I left everything I had going for myself over love I'm doing better career wise now like I'm in college for my dream occupation and now I'm planning a wedding after being legally married to my husband. For some reason being with him makes me feel insecure though I'm pregnant right now and I just feel bloated and then me and him had alot of argueing through out our whole relationship and it feels like my successful husband is laying down his true desires to marry me. I know nothing is perfect but his family was so mean to me and I never really had a family I don't know my dad and my mother abused me as a child. So the thought of being around his family who also broke my heart when he was over seas kills me he even gave his mom my number and they're trying to act like they like me now. Even the fake Ness makes me sad. I'm in to deep he swears he loves me but I feel like I'm a project oneday after the kid is 18 he will be gone.
fdjm fdjm 22-25, F 3 Answers Jul 2 in Dating & Relationships

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Being pregnant makes women feel crazy.

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Haha true

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You are too young for marriage - go and divorce him, LIVE your life

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