I really like this guy and i know he likes me, he acts and shows it. He also knows that i like him. In class we always talk and flirt but whenever he's around his friend he doesn't even look at me or talk to me. Why does he do that? It makes me feel horrible that he probably does that cause I'm not a perfect 10 or something he can show off to his friends about :/ also i don't think it has to do with shyness but then again i don't know.. He kinda is on the popular side, he's known, but not a player or anything. Im not a nerd, im known too i just i dont hang out with the "popular clique" like he does. Oh and where both 16 and i think we liked each other since freshman year..
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Don't miss the obvious's too easy to believe it's your fault. But liking each other and openly proclaiming to everyone you like each other are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS! Ask him about it , see what he felt like at the time, do you feel ready telling everyone? Your friends your parents? And just what are you two really getting at? Are you friends, a little more? A crush ? Love?

If you can answer all those things you have a pretty big picture of what's going on. Don't fall victim in the blame game, it has only losers, find answers and do it together!

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cause hes a douche bag

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Because he doesn't want to make it extremely noticeable to his friends

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But why? :/

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Its just a guy to him about it and he will stop

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Sorry to hear :/

It could be lots of reasons.. He might be:

- Busy with something else..

- Rating his friends higher than you.

- Embarrassed over you or afraid to ruin reputation.

Don't feel bad about yourself and remember that you can't

control his life.. He has to get to be with his friends and not

only with you.. If he doesn't want to include you with his friends

it might just mean that you have a different relationship than

with the guys..

Just don't take over his complete life and try to live your own :)

I'm not telling you to leave him but it might be hard to have to choose

between the girlfriend and all your friends..

But it's only him that knows the complete answer to your question

so maybe you should ask him without claiming anything.. Just tell

him what you feel. It's okay to be scared :) If he really likes you that

shouldn't be a problem for him.

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Wow this IS pretty confusing i never really seen something like this. First i wouldnt down yourself im sure you are beautiful and a guy would love to brag about you to his friends but maybe since he spends so much time with you when he gets around his friends he enjoys the short time he gets with a way its disrespectful cause its almost as if he KNOWS he got you and he can take advantage of ignoring you when he might help to ask him but BE WARNED it could definently cause an argument fast....also are you actually together? Jus cause you flirt and all doesnt mean a guy is reallllly into you he could jus be flirty and like hanging with you (dont let that kill your confidence) but either way its not right and you need to find out

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He's a little shy to act all flirtatious in front of his friends. I would feel the same way. Just give him time and maybe go out on a date first!

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And i think you're right.

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He either

a.) has trouble keeping focus and places you and his friends of equal value


b.) he is an ******* you should leave

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Because he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes you.

Even if the hottest girl on earth showed up at school and a guy liked him, he would avoid talking about it with his friends because you know what guys do to their friends when they like someone...they tease called them things like "whipped" and stuff so he's probably just shy and embarrassed not of you but of his feelings in general...

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because he really likes you but doesn't want to show it, he ignores you to send you mixed signals to see if you will come running back and i know its hard but sometime you've just gotta let go and then he will regret it! boys are just confusing trust me I've experienced this before.

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