I don't understand why my husband doesn't want to make love to me anymore. I am fit, affectionate, willing to try new things, very sexual myself, loyal...everything. but I can't get him to initiate sex, or even want to take part in it. At first he said it was because he was tired from work, then it was because he wasn't feeling good (which would always happen right as I began caressing him), then it was because he was stressed. You name it, he's said it, even the "honey I have a headache" line. But it's odd because he's very affectionat. He's always kissing me, hugging me, giving me little spanks on the butt when I walk by, tells me he loves me. I don't want what to do. I love him very much, desire to have sex with only him. But this has been going on for about a year and a half. And now I've found myself being drawn to other men for intimacy and sex. I don't like it one bit. Please what can I do?
Ztraceny Ztraceny 18-21, F 7 Answers Sep 16, 2010

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Wow! It could be many differnt things...his sex drive could be down, he could be on some type of meds, he could be having an affair. I would suggest you sit down and ask him what is goiing on. Try to find out before thinking the worse..

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Talk to him. Something is seriously wrong. Maybe he is concerned about pregnancy? Maybe he has a girlfriend and doesn't want to cheat on her? Maybe he is homosexual? Maybe he has an STD or AIDS and doesn't want to give it to you?

There is something very very wrong. You need to confront him on this.

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You say your "willing to try new things"!

Have to wonder what that meens!

Have you two tried exchanging fantisies?

Perhaps he has some sexual fantisies he's afraid to share with you(Afraid you won't be open minded ENOUGH)!

Mabe if you could/would do this& then incorporate some or all this info into your sexlife things might improve!

Cuckhold Don London Ont.

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ask him, seek a sexuall doctor and sex surrogate for advice, have sex with other guys or gals and tell him about it, let him watch you **********, maybe get him excited, keep trying, do not give up

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