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She is probably jealous and is competing for your parents love and approval...beat the game and love her anyway and continue to be the person you are regardless of builds resilience and muscle..: )

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Dear Brutina2008,

If She Was Your Big Sister :

She Must've Seen Alot Of Bad Stuff

Happening To Young Girls & That

Made Her Rough & Dry.. So You

Think That She Hates You, But In

Fact, She Doesn't..

Prove It :

Get Sick.. Or Fight Someone.. Or

You Can Make Your Boy Friends

Act That They're Raping You

& Make Sure That She Sees You

Getting In Trouble.. You'll See How

Much She Loves You & How Much

She Cares About You..

If She Was Your Baby Sister:

Am Sure That She Looks Up To

You.. & She Just Wants To Tease

You Or Drive You Crazy..

& Don't Know How To Prove This..

Peace: RAWAN.S

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ıf you learn tell it to me

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Idk . Why do you **** her off so much? :D


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