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You are young and have not learned yet. This is what has been driving men insane since GOD made them !

You can be fine one minute and then the next you are in deep trouble !

But when you ask what is wrong you will only get a quick "Nothing" or maybe "You should know"

How do you deal with that? You don't.

You go away and leave them alone, but before you do you tell them:

"When you are ready to talk like an adult you know where to find me."

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its mutual. she may hate you for what youve done to someone she cares for. you may not have seen the damage you did.

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When someone hates me, I usually ask them what is their problem. It puts them in a spot they don't know how to react. Sometimes you think a person hates you but when you ask, you realise it's not true. Why do you think she hates you anyway?

It's never nice to be hated...I hates 2 people and that was my ex partner and my supposed to be best friend and they both know it.

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idk i just feel like she does,cause she always yelling and being mean to mee,i just dont get it but she always ask me to come back,i wonder if its for my money

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Well by al means dont let her use you for anything .... you deserve better.

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are you sure she hates you? Talk to her about it

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If you are male, then its because you are a male, you'll always be wrong

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