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I never understood this. It's usually impossible to press charges against people unless someone dies first. People can act like complete douchebags and get away with murder adn the effects are usually the same in some manner.
celtic34 celtic34 36-40, M 4 Answers Mar 4, 2012

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3 kids died just a little bit ago because of that. Some kid brought a gun to school and shot them. Its been kinda a problem around here, but the schools staff doesnt seem to do much apparently.

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As someone who is gang stalked/community mobbed,I can tell you a truth regarding bullying.Stalking/mobbing are secret agendas run by governments across the world,targeting innocent people for appalling and sometimes absolutely no reason at all.It involves bullying,lies and deceit,with the intent to drive to suicide or cause insanity in its target,through psychology far advanced from what is recognised on civvy street.In every country it has been investigated in,the trail leads back to government,and governments are the only ones powerful and wealthy enough to coordinate it in the highly effective way it does.It is bullying of the most extreme nature.My point is this-If governments willingly utilise bullying,which I assure you is true,then they have reason to ensure the young schoolground bully never dies out or fades away,they simply grow more cunning in their bullying,and because of,as you say,tolerance of it in society,they can practice and learn how far to push their efforts without any chance of reprisals.As you say again,it seems that point too far is death itself,which leaves them plenty of room to do as they do.

Best Answer've pretty much already made up my mind for if my daughter goes through this. If I find out that my daughter is bullying someone...there would be some serious consequences. Volunteer work on the weekends, and that cell phone, laptop or what nots, they are not at all necessary in life. Her days will be spent realizing that others do in fact have value, and deserve the right to walk and breathe without fear.<br />
If I find out that she is being bullied, I would take time to go through the proper channels to correct it, but if it is to no avail...then hmmm's on. Bullying would take on a whole new meaning. Attempt to harm my child in any way, shape, or form, well, then you have also given me the right to protect her with all that is within my power.

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