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i was having a hard time with transportation to church so i decided to call a church with a bus ministry, i told the driver i cant climb high vans right now , i could the smaller one with a step stool, ive had two hip surgeries and a knee surgery in less than a yr recently, i did not want to climb a high van, at first he took the bus but he seemed resentful cause i could tell cause he was quiet, one sunday he picked me up in a high van when i asked him where the bus was he said he didnt like driving it, i managed to get on it but wouldve rather not climbed since step stools can slide out from under you, i mentioned something about getting another ride and he said no i'll drive the stupid bus like he really resented it, i never went back and cancelled it, this was supposed to be a christian church, an assemblies of god church, noone has ever called me to find out why i stopped going, i havent been to church lately cause i dont feel like walking there after a knee surgery, what happened?
lederman lederman 51-55, F 1 Answer Oct 20, 2012 in Community

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Honey you did the right thing by not calling and going there any longer. Keep searching.. love Aunt lUCY

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