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keiffers keiffers 46-50, M 4 Answers Jul 1, 2009

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I use the local VA and they are fine. It's not the facility that would be the problem but the people working there. If changes need to happen then talk with the overall supervisor and let them know. I did and a man who should NEVER work around the general public was moved to another position with his "don't want to be bothered but this is my job" attitude. WE veterans don't need that kind of jerk talking down to us and I don't care if he is a vet too.

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Whether or not a government program sucks depends on how well thought out the program is and how well it's funded. That we seem to have so many government programs that suck comes right back on us, the voters. We don't elect competent representatives and we're not anywhere near involved enough to demand an efficient and highly functional government.<br />
<br />
In a democracy, citizens can have pretty much have whatever they want from their government, so if we're not receiving proper goods and services, it's up to us to get involved and make our demands known.

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My local va is very accommodating in every aspect. The care I receive is above reproach and is the highest possible care humanly can deliver. I have heard other facilities are not as accommodating. This should be rectified immediately.

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