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He doesn't act like a normal guy around me. Normal guys always talk about girls around me but he doesn't. He never mentions any other girl and if he does and its rare he will never say her name. Im his lockscreen. He touches me all the time. Mainly my face because I don't know but he was like petting my arm and stroking my face to ask for headphones. He says he'd never run from me. When I had an anxiety attack and told him he felt bad.He thought He did something. Then he treated me no questions were asked. When I accidentally went off on him because I was angry at something else and at the peak of my anger he asked if I was okay and I accidentally went off. But he treated me no different after wards he wasn't even a little discouraged. I like him but I don't know if he likes me. I just find it peculiar he doesn't treat me like he treats other people. Is this flirting?
dancingqueen87 dancingqueen87 16-17, F 1 Answer Jun 1, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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sounds like he's got the hots for you

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