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I like this guy who always stared at me at work but never asked me out,but he left his job and worked abroad. I gave him my email but it's been months he hasn't contacted me. He even wrote "dont forget me" on my birthday card and drew a heart symbol. I always stared,look away when i catched him,wrote sweet things on my card, now he left but he didnt write me any emails,whats wrong with him? Pls help, i misss him :(
Beautyindisguise Beautyindisguise 31-35, F 5 Answers Apr 23, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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I am not trying to be mean, but a realist. He is in another country from you now and hard to say what has distracted him. I am sorry, but you need to let go.

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It hurts i thought we felt the same way. He was the one who told me not to forget him but now he did

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I know and I am so sorry, maybe I am wrong, but I have been through this kind of thing before, people change quickly when they move far, far away. You should find a new distraction for yourself.

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I just can't seem to understand his signals, i'm trying to let it go

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It takes time, things will get better for you.

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