he ignores me if i try to talk about why i am upset , as if he doesnt care if the relation continues or not. he would become angry to the point where he doesnt talk to me for 1-2 weeks untill i get board and start talking to him i have i child . what should i do?
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Welcome to marriage.

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He's done. Doesn't love you, probably never did and just is over with the pretend thing. Feel better? Gonna do something about it? Think it's the man--no, it is the person. There are lovely men out there who wouldn't treat you like ****, but you need to grow into them. But this guy--he doesn't care whether you live or die. I hope you don't have children cause he ain't liking them much either. The biggest mistake that women make when they marry emotionally stunted men is that they may accept that he can't love you, but they stupidly believe that he loves his children. That ain't love it is my children are possessions like my car and you better not touch them. You married poorly. Get out.

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After time, people if they're not working on maintaining the marriage or relationship will start giving up and getting tired of the same thing , same arguments and the same results.

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"...As if he doesnt care if the relation continues or not." It sounds like you just answered your own question.

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sounds like my house. my husband brings the bull dogs in the house & we are having trouble keeping fleas off them so i at one time had 68 flea bites on me.he just told my dad tonight that he was bring 1 of them in & he didn't care who didn't like it. he doesn't share his money, he keeps it locked in a safe with the key hidden. if i don't make enough money to do what i need to do , then i have to do without.he almost chocked me to death once, crushed my sterum, broke 4 ribs. i know everyones first ? is why am i still with him. he is one of these men that everything is HIS. we really have very little but what we do have i have pretty much got on my own. he is a drinker & a very mean one at that.i have begged him not to drink because he has beat me so many times & my only brother was killed because he was drunk. he says he isn't bothering anyone.really i am so afraid that to leave would only make it worse. i really am to the point that i don't care if i live or not. i feel like the only way out is death. i have 8 grand babies that i couldn't do that to. i have serious health issues with no money or ins. but he says theres nothing wrong wth me. i just don't know how much longer i can do this.

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This sounds just like someone I know marriage.

They have been married for something like 30years.

He just does not care what he does.

I think he does it on purpose just to annoy her.

Once when she was on holiday for 3 months overseas, he decides to repaint the insides to use up odd paint he had in the shed. He is a painter by trade.

I helped him move the furniture out of the way. I just happened to be there on the day she arrived home. I wish I wasn't.

She just walked out crying.

He thought it was funny.

I thought it was not a nice colour job.

In the lounge room for instance, one wall was yellow, another was green and I forget the other colours. A total mismatch in my view.

Just to annoy her.

He has on occasions brought home homeless people to stay a few days.

The list goes on.

He just does not care for her feelings.

She is divorcing him and now he is worried about losing his house.

He should of thought of that before.

Serve him right.

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How much do you ***** at him for little things?

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He does

its him

he has problems

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I think you know already, "he doesn't care." What you're describing is a bad sign in any relationship. Him ignoring your feelings, getting angry, and supposedly showing no remorse over his behaviour, is not good at all. Could be you 2 have grown apart, maybe he's stressed out over some issue unrelated to you, or worse, he could be seeing someone else. In any case, you have to confront him about it. Ask him outright how he feels about you and if he loves you.

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he sounds immature. the "silent treatment" is childish. maybe he's testing you to see how long you'll put up with him. or maybe he's an inconsiderate clod who is risking his marriage because he doesn't believe you'll leave him.

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