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I am going to tell you that I think Obama has used mind control throughout this planet! Something has to be doing this to people. Seems to me that his agenda is to literally destroy America from within and he is controlling every aspect of the press as well. Most people think of the phrase, "The American Dream" but fail to realize that in order to dream you have to be asleep! Think about it. Wake up people and start asking questions concerning your government. If you don't seek the truth then you don't deserve to be here. I will tell you that very soon all hell is going to break loose and then your questions will come too late! Think about all of this. Obama is not who/ what you think he is and he has most of you (not me) fooled.
LiterateGirlStillRocks LiterateGirlStillRocks 26-30, F 3 Answers Nov 30, 2012 in Community

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Because he's the "Prez" for the next four years and he won't forget.Especially during press Q & A activities. Everyone ,the Press, wants to be in good standing with the White House for inside scoops and such.

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Because it is not a story. The only people trying to make a story out of it is FoxNews and some Republicans. The reason behind the initial story was obvious and has been explained to the Republican leadership. It is not the Republican leadership talking about it, it is the usual mouthpieces. It is obvious why the first version was provided. It was an attempt to make those responsible for the attack to think that they had gotten away with it and not have headed for a more friendly country. During that time, the intelligence gatherers would have been able to get on their trail, as the attackers would have felt no reason to be extremely careful. Those responsible for the attack will be meeting a drone missile very soon. <br />
<br />
No, back to Obama. He won handily. Get over it or keep on being miserable. The Republican party has been exposed for what it is and the American people want no part of them. If not for gerrymandering of Congressional districts last year, they would have lost the House. More Republican Senators will lose in 2014.

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