So I've noticed that over the past couple years, social networking has made a turn, in my opinion, for the worst. While Facebook used to be a platform for sharing your life with your friends and staying in contact with them, it is now becoming a place to repost rage comics and random quotes in image form. While Tumblr was originally supposed to be a blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress, it has become primarily a place to reblog pictures of cats and celebrities with supposedly "funny" captions and animated GIF's. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with sharing random images online. There are many sites designed specifically for that (Pinterest comes to mind). But why are people polluting sites like Facebook and Tumblr with this rubbish? Anybody can repost an image that some random guy created. It takes just a little effort to actually write something you came up with on your own.
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Its a full featured

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because everyone wants to show they are good photographers.

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But it's not even their pictures. It's some picture of a cat that some random guy in China took with obnoxious, white lettering over it.

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It's as though others don't have a mind of their own! Everyone is constantly jumping on the bandwagon of the "new" thing!

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It's not really even that. It's not really anything "new." People post random crap that's been around for ages. I agree with you about people not having a mind of their own though.

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