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I'll take that question: You see there has been a mixup-you forgot to pay your bill here at EP-I am sorry to embarass you like this, but make all checks payable to myephuants and we will happily send you back er ah..........a portion of your return

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The gov't is in a REALLY tight fix right now.

The reason you haven't gotten the money is frankly:

They probably are running out of ways to pay you. It was on the news that it'll take a while for taxes. Be patient. They will come.


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Just a small to why all our tax refunds MIGHT be late....the longer the federal and state governments can hold onto our money, the greater the amount of interest they can earn on it.

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I e-filed but it still took I'm sure, at least 6 weeks to see the $ deposited in my checking account.

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