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Depends where you are in the world

I think I have read that traditionally the son's wife stays with his parents and they treat the daugfhter in law like a live in maid (lucky girl)

In the Uk I dont think there is any pattern, and I think from what I have seen but have no experience of - parents teach daughter in laws like daughters (but sometimes that relationship is limited or strained)

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Not sure what the question really is. Can you clarify?

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Why husband parents treat daugther-in-laws differently than their own daugthers? Hope its clarified

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Yes, much clearer now. Thanks. I would expect this to be normal as you are not their daughter but are related by marriage. It would be nice of them if they treated you like their own daughter but you probably shouldn’t expect it. Just avoid drama and family gossip and be the best in-law you can be and you will grow closer over time. (This is of course assuming none of you are real nut jobs)

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