It is pretty weird for me but I see it everywhere, we have many Indians over here and they are always holding hands!!!! Is this something normal in India?!
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In the Western world they are only allowed to fake fights. But there's often affection between them.

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I think holding hands are natural and its

doesn't matter on the gender of two person,

but due to culture one is stigmatised either

way. In one culture man can not hold hand

because of stigma of immorality , in other

man do not hod escaping stigma of 'gay'.

Naturaly man is inclined to hold hand of

another person ad sexuality has nothing to do

with it. But then I find bizare western

theories that say that it is because of

sexual repession of indians (Whos traditional

eucation consist of Kamashastra study and

moder indian education i still lagging

behind). AS man can not hold hand of girls,

so they hold hand of man. This is stupid

because it has a presumptin that whatever is

in west is only natural. Since they do not

see man-man intamacy apart fom romatic

assoiation, they asume that it is common

accros he world. Well, Men hold hand in many

other cultre too, in south east asia,china

and in tribal where sexual liberalism is

high. So this theory is stupid and works on

same logic which dictates man-man sex un

natural. The normalthing is holding han has

othic to do with sex rsexuality, like child

hold hands without any sex/sexualiy

considertion. Instead not holding hand hs dep

sex, moral and stigma playing behind. herfore

hr man-woman hold is seen wrong, or bad but

good this thought is dimnishing.

In west men hold hand is seen as romantic

involvement and though they are doing very

well in sexuality matters stigma of being gay

is still there. even if they accept other

being gay somehow they do not want themself

to be called one unless they are.

The question should not be 'Why men hold hand

in India?' because it is most natuaral human

thing instead it should be 'Why man-woman do

not in India?' and 'Why me do not hold hand

in West?'

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I spent a couple of weeks in India and I saw a lot of teenage boys holding hands throughout the country. It was really bazaar as a westerner. They hold hands and twist their wrists and arms around each other very much like many teenage western boyfriend/girlfriends do. I asked a male friend of mine who was Indian about this, I asked " because the society was so strict on male/female relationships without marriage, do the boys play with each other in the interim?" He said "no, it is friendship." In america, during the abstinence ring oath that teenagers were taking, anal sex increased 10 fold through heterosexual teens. It just makes you wonder.

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It's normal. It's a cultural thing. Just because it's not the cultural norm here or you don't understand it, doesn't make it wrong. Why are your values the only right way? Not only do they hold hands, but dry kiss on the lips. Get over it.

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It's a cultural difference, that's all. I had a friend from Nigeria who would hold my hand, and put her arm around my shoulder. It made me uncomfortable at first, because I wasn't from a touchy feely culture. It's just a gesture of friendship.

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omg! i know yes indian straight men i see them holding hands and i wonder if they are closet gay ...but it looks weird true....

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hahahah finally someone knows about it! :P Nope I don't think that they are closet gays because really there are many who do that so I don't think all of these are gayz! but yeah it is WEIRD!

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because every indian men know his hands are not tuff

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I stayed in India for like 5 years.. I didn't see anything like that.. O_o Probably nothing wrong with it.. but thats not quite normal..

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Oh Really! I'm in the UAE there are many many indians here of course not all of them hold hands but there are many walking in the streets holding hands!

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It's cultural. The same thing can be seen in European countries, France, for instance.

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Yeh, but everyone in france is closet gay. lol

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cuz they niggaz

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