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It's 10 times greater. It kept it's foreskin.

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Because it is 10 times greater in amount.

(as in >)

*please ignore anyones insults...They may need to consider the placement of their own decimal points.

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Cos it is not chopped up into so many small bits.


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It's closer to the big number on the other side of the decimal point.

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It depends on what side you look at it from...

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because mathematicians decidedly said so.

they are afterall the people who have the most experience when it comes to numbers

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Assuming you had a cake divided into 10 parts. Each piece is 0.1 and so 4 pieces make that 0.4 of the original cake. If you took any one of these 10 cut parts and cut into 10 equal parts, any of these 4 pieces will make .04 of that original cake.

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Hi exvirgins

It isn't. (necessarily)

0.4 what?

0.004 what?

haha great question! Keep up the good work!


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because the decimal point is in a different position

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