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I have been married 36 years to the same man.

The spark is there anytime I want to ignite it...for real.

A woman knows how to keep a man interested, the question is, does he make it worth her while? a man doesnt necessarily try so hard. Yet Im sure there are alot of men out there that still do.

For example: Does he stop and buy some flowers for her just for the heck of it?

Does he help her with the dishes and help make the bed so this chore isnt so boring?

Does he laugh at her jokes to make her feel good?

Does he see her crying over something and put his arm around her, to console her?

Does he take her out on a special date night? Giving her a chance to show off her new dress? Did you schedule that vacation time away from the home front?

THIS IS what makes a woman want to look sexy...not gain weight, and keep the fires going.

For a woman:

Do you tell him how darned sexy he looks with just his blue jeans and no shirt? If you do, prepare yourself for a romp.

Did you make his favorite dinner and give him seconds?

give this with a kiss.

Did you give him a massage after a hard days work?

Romp time.

How about surprise him in the shower with an extra body rub?

When he walks past you, did you pinch his butt?

All these things, keep the fires going, and you dont need to have an extra affair to spice it up.

Well I just told you what our marriage was supposed to look like in MY mind. LOL that isnt what it is after 35 years, but it was like that for years.

Marriage takes work. If you want to be lazy and inconsiderate - be lazy somewhere else. A good marriage is indeed worth every ounce of effort, as it will give you plenty of good memories when your old and alone. Well I hope I answered this to help people struggling today in marriage. Love - is a choice.

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Remember starting a fire is easy the hardest part is learning how to keep the flame.

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It takes two, baby!

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It doesn't, unless you're married to the wrong person!

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human nature to take for granted something you believe is yours and yours alone.. marriage is work.. and keeping the romance alive is part of that work.. do the work or be prepared for some really miserable years..(both must do the work.. one person can not make a marriage happy by themselves.) Communication, open, honest and completely without blame is the best way to start and to keep the romance alive.

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There's the initial "honeymoon phase" that does leave after awhile, but it isn't abnormal. If that didn't happen, and a couple wanted to do nothing but have sex all the time, they wouldn't be able to accomplish much of anything else.

The relationship transforms to a bonding phase, typically the time when a couple begins to think of starting a family.

Whether or not a couple ends up having children, it is important that they not take each other for granted. The mutual respect and continued interest in each other's lives can actually bring two people even closer, though on a different level.

Also, the passion need not disappear as long as both people remember to take time out for each other in their busy lives. The love felt for each other can actually develop into a much deeper and fulfilling experience as time passes.

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I'll tell ya this .. I was married almost 6 years.. You can LOVE to eat chocolate cake but after about 4 or 5 years of eating the same damn chocolate cake... You're gonna want some angel food cake, or at least some freakin' cherry chip cake! How about some cupcakes??? Anything BUT Chocolate Cake.. it may still be good.. but it's lost that mouth watering appeal!!

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lol my sex life got better after I got married.... mind you ... I've been married for 7 years this month.... and have had more sex with more people in the past 4 months than ever before... Sex is much hotter when you're married... just not always with your spouce.... thats why my hubby and I decided to stay married after we split.... this way we're always having an afair.. even though we arent together.... keeps the sex exciting.

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If thats the truth I may never get married

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