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No worries there are other words you can use like

1//..oh fork

2//.flickin Basket

3//..oh sugar

4// stupid plumb

and loads of others so there will be no more excuses

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PHUCKED if I know mate.

But it's pathetic that I have to use PH instead the correct letter of F.Censorship on the net is ridiculous. Especially the amount of word censorship by wowseristic do-gooder political correctness wallies and religious zealots. I'll have to use me own way of putting in an extra letter in words to show what I mean in this reply because of the dopey word censorship in this site.

Wowsers try to use the exuse that teenagers might see a swear word. Spare me days and save me mummy

Obviously they've never listened to teens let rip. Teens swear more than brickie labourers do.

I rip my guts larfing at the bizarre amount of time spent by dingbats who must spend huge amounts of time to pixelate out just about every image they can find that might go anywhere a nipple or a bum crack. Let alone a brain busting image of a pubic hair or an eye ball busting snapshot of a ****-> cocck.

Even babies get the censorship pixel.

I came across a site today that wouldn't allow a town called Sussex to be inserted.

Yahoo Answers was really strange. They wouldn't allow the word ****-->cocck to used.I gave up on it years ago, dunno if they are human yet.

Too bad if your surname was ****--> Cocck. As is many thousands of people all over the world. Or in the plumbing section ya can't mention a tap **** cocck. Frigging ludicrous. Can we mention a bleeding *****-->pricck on a finger.Oh no not a cut that's bloody,.,how can we possibly describe that without being lambasted for using filthy words.

I also couldn't talk about the pair of ****--> titts that I like to stroke. The feathered variety.

A very bizarre attempt at saving us with censorship to stop us becoming lecherous raving raping mass murdering monsters was by the Discovery Channel. It was a docu about oil ruining the lives of villagers in the jungle somewhere in Africa.These people, from babies to teens to old folk are practically nude 24/7.

So some idiot set about pixelating out every "offensive" bit they could see as about 100 villagers happily cavorted about in the river.

Even little kids way back in the distance were given the smudge treatment.

The bizarre thing is that I had to be a perve to even see this stupidity by getting up close to the screen and really squint at it to see that this was what they'd done.

At first I thought me tv had dirty smudgey finger marks all over it.

To cap it off, a new docu called Becoming Human:Unearthing our Earliest Ancestors has just been aired.

Well, it's a frigging mystery how we ever populated the planet because none of these people had any "bits".

In an amazing load of censorship rubbish, they are mostly only shown from the waist up with no female breasts and only shots of them walking about from behind.

What the frigging heck are we supposed to be being saved from with this crap.

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well they ask you to swear in court,so it must be ok

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I never swear on the bible in court. I take the afformation.I'll swear AT the bloody thing. The bible has just about the most horrendous littany of slaughterous debauchery of murder and ******,ritual slayings and mutilations of babies, genocide and mega amounts of other atrocities than any other book I've ever read. And the filthy thing is given to kids. But I can't even use the word sex in some websites. Or talk about a tree in my garden that has a pair of nesting ****.

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i dotn swear, i change all my words so they arent, something i have done my whole life but i do (as my friend says) 'use the lords name in vain' but meh, i dont care about that. i dont count that as swearing where relgious people would though

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full of anger.

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it something we tend to get used to,the more we do it ,the harder it is to stop doing it

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I've never even thought about trying to stop swearing, only have to sometimes watch what I say around the kids.

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I'd be just about mute during a root if I couldn't shoot off some sexually explicit linguistic niceties. Being a dud mute root would be devastating. The neighbours might finally believe they were right in thinking I'm PHUCKING mad

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