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I had problems making them when I was younger, but now that I'm older it's gotten even harder
FilipX FilipX 31-35, M 6 Answers Sep 4 in Community

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I have lived through so much now I am bold ,,I speak to strangers at a pile up on the interstate and 5 people come up and join in and we exchange numbers and stay in touch ,,my ex says to everyone she has never seen it beat ,I make friends at a car wreck ,,,not my fault she is scared to talk to people ,,,I am long past that ,,,most people are nice but someone has to break the ice ,,,i don't mind ,,,they like me now but when I said "skipper I need to see your registration ,life jackets and a fire extinguisher and sound producing device", they didn't like me so much lol ,,,now I am not getting cussed at and hearing ,,kid how old are you ,I have shorts older then you are ,,,yes skipper you may have but I still need to see your registration ,,life jackets for all persons on board and fire extinguisher and a sound producing device lol or this kid is about to terminate your trip and make you go to the dock ,,,we exchanged numbers then too ,,,,

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Almost impossible. I think money, time and interest are the main problems but also the reason as kids which we were so social. None of us cared about money, we all showed up at the same place everyday 5 times a week, and if you liked the same color as someone else you instantly had a friend.

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Because I'm guessing when you were younger you were surrounded by people your age that you saw everyday, and interacted with throughout the day.

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