We consider putting animals down when they are old, or in pain, as it is the humane thing to do. But it is considered murder to put a human being to sleep when they are in pain or are old.. Why should there be a difference? is it because human beings have a choice where animals cannot speak to say how they feel?
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In my opinion, we are all just mammals. We're no better than animals. When it's time to put an animal down they do communicate that to us, they let us know it's time to go. If you are attuned to your animal. As for people I do think there should be a legal way out for someone who is in constant pain, or terminal etc. After all that's the Humane thing to do. People should think long & hard ahead of time about what they'd like done if that ever happened to them, put it in writing. Like a Living Will. Make their wishes known ahead of time.

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euthanasia should be legal but only if the person needing it chooses it. They should be over a certain age or have a terminal illness to qualify.

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Well.. its really very difficult for anyone to decide what right we have and what right we do not have. If you think about religion for example, people with a religion will not be able very easily to choose this. Their god is the only one that may. And there are many more problems to this question.

With animals people have always acted as if that means less then it does. I agree that there is no difference.

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For the last five years I have been living with severe pain and medical treatments have failed. The only options that bring any relief are medical narcotics. I'm tired of the loopy feeling I'm left with and all the health side effects. I don't want to be addicted to pills or live in pain the rest of my life but these are my two options. My religion won't allow suicide but also refuses to acknowledge my situation. Either this or that.... No In between! I don't fear death, I welcome it with high hopes of relief.

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This is not an easy issue to discuss, as there are so many variables involved.

Animals who are very sick, in tremendous pain or very old and no longer look after themselves need to be put down.

In my opinion, human beings who wish the same, should have that option.

The problem is that if we allow or encourage this in society, there are too many people who will take advantage of this to benefit themselves.

I believe we should encourage living wills where the person in question, while still in sound mind, can make the decision prior to getting into a position where no one knows what to do.

If someone states that s/he wants no extreme measures taken, then that should be respected.

If someone states that s/he wishes to live regardless, then that should be respected.

Peronally, I believe that euthanasia is a kindness for many people who don't wish the indignity often imposed on dying people using artificial means to prolong the inevitable.

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Animals are just animls there is no comparison to the value of a sentient life.

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Because then you will have doctors decide "that someone is too old" to try and save., like we have here in Canada. My mil would be dead today if her sons hadn't made the so-called health providers take steps to saving her life, instead of giving up. Euthanasia is another form of eugenics, and I am sick of hearing that people are not as important as animals. It is an elitist idea, period. An idea that regards mankind as the herd of cattle. fu(k them I have just as much right to exist on this planet as they do.

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I'd just like to say that that is one of the best and deepest questions that I have seen on here for sometime. I personally agree with assisted suicide if it for the right reasons and proberly assessed, carried out etc.

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I think it should be okay, if the person truly wants it and has a good, solid reason. Terminal illness, wracked with pain that will never stop, so on. But I don't think the decision should be made lightly. I agree with the 3 doctors thing.

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It's a really difficult one. Your pets trust you without question to do the right thing, but if they could talk, what would they say if you asked them whether or not they'd prefer to be put down? And would they be coherent enough in their suffering to reply sincerely? This also applies to people in many cases. Nobody wants to see their loved-ones suffer, animal or human. I think the legality issues involved with this topic still stem from religious beliefs. It boils down to what we consider to be murder...

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because animals can't talk

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