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It isn't.

Want = Longing = Can survive without it

Need = Essential = Cannot survive without it

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I think of it this way: if I need something, it's something I can't live without - like I need to have a place to live, I need to have a job to pay for the place to live, I need to eat and drink so I won't starve or get sick, I need to pay bills so that collection companies don't seize my bank account; I may need to see a doctor perhaps. What I want are things which if it came down to it, I don't really need, I just desire it, but it's not imperative that I have it.

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It's not. Needs consist of food, shelter, water, air, sun and the natural things.

Wants consist of something much deeper, that which makes you an individual.

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They lack to separate the necessities from the priority's to determine the essential elements.

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Because people think they want things that aren't needs.

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