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sunishmaballa sunishmaballa 16-17, F 1 Answer Apr 27, 2014 in Doing Good

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Find a process that works for you. Maybe make a to do list. And then make a list that fits into your schedule of what you'll do when. <br />
Like plan your week ahead every sunday and then adjust the list every evening.<br />
Or any other process that might work for you.<br />
For example making a list and then work out what is easy to do and do that first so you get it out of the way. And then tackle bigger projects.<br />
And some things you'll need to work on every day. For example many school things get easier if you work on them a few times. like languages, you can make cards with vocabulary and learn it on the bus every day for 5-10mins or so. That's more effective than learning once for 1 hour.<br />
Also find a quiet spot in your house or in a library where you can concentrate on your school work and don't get interrupted.<br />
Maybe also in the library you can find a good book about how to organise yourself or how to learn better. There are many books out there for time management. Try to find one specific for students or people your age. Ask a librarian for help or research on amazon or something.

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Thank you so much! :) i will go do that right now haha

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