I hate it when I see people just walk/pass by someone you can SEE needs help. I saw an lady trying to open a door, she was having a hard time because she was in a wheel chair. People walking by her just ignored her... No One would help. what is wrong with people today?????????
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That particular example is very hard for me to understand.

Even if some of the passers-by might have been in a dreadful rush, or pre-occupied and not paying attention to their environment... one would expect at least one person like you to happen along... and thank goodness you did.

I love helping people... but it used to be a codependant addiction... any needy person was a hook... and of course i got myself in all kinds of difficulties.

I had to learn several things...

not to help when someone:-

can manage on their own,

is addicted to a drug or mood altering process,

is pretending helplessness in order to use or manipulate,

or when it needs greater skills and expertise than I have.

For a while, I had to abstain from all helping, in order to break the compulsive aspect of my behaviour.

Now I have choice, because I accept myself from within.

I can still enjoy helping, and be more effective and appropriate.

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Some people are just mean, some day they will be that old lady....

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It's sad for me to say because I do help others and donate too but sometime's it gets old seeing the "needy" in line at the grocery store eating much better then my own family. Thank you government.

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its not so hard to help others , we be glad to . its how we can help them .

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Some people don't like to help unless help is asked for. Unfortunately the reality is probably that those people need to help themselves before they can help anyone. A lot of people are so lost and confused (yet think they have it all figured out) that they are just a drain on the world.

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