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ive applied twice and got denied both times, i lost my job over two hip implants, i was in a resort, later i had a knee surgery, its not like i could work at mcdonalds, i still cant cause im still healing from the knee one, ive been living on no income for almost two yrs, i took out my retirement money out early from the resort i was at and its already more than half gone, i have hud housing and medicaid. just recently a couple of wks ago i filled out an application with a tutoring company and theyve been sending me out tutoring kids, which is kind of like sit down work, you cant always get office work when you apply either, i have another tutoring company interested in me too which im going to talk to them on the phone tomorrow, i might do both since one dont have a lot of work, this is tutoring in the schools after school, i see people that have no problem walking getting ssi so why cant i get it? ive given up on them already, i want nothing to do with them, never there when needed
lederman lederman 51-55, F 4 Answers Dec 2, 2013 in Health

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The problem is that disability is money that comes from other people through taxation on their work. Since you are not able to work then you must try for government charity which is disability. There are so many needy and so many scam people that the charity us drying up.

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only the one`s who don`t need but want,get any help.

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