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for me its my quest for new and exciting experiences :D its only dangerous if you stand to lose a limb lol XD

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Cause theyre addictive or fun or both :-)

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Maybe it's BECAUSE it might kill you that gives it it's appeal. Kind of like walking on the edge. Or maybe " passive suicide "

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Curiosity, peer pressure.

Reminds me of the time I tried self harming just to see if it would benefit me in any way. It didn't to be honest, just made me a little hyper for a couple of hours.

Peer pressure is something I will never give into. I live my life how I want to and I am sensible enough to know what is not good to do.

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Maybe some of us mask other issues or we just like to step out of the so called fast lane....

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Well everything harms us, it all depends on the amount as to how much harm it is doing to us.

I am reminded that a college study said cranberries "could" cause cancer, but you would have to eat 100,000 train car full in your life time to get it.

At 80 tons per car, that is a lot of cranberries !

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