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i was dating a guy, we were ALWAYS happy with each other, i did try to push things a bit fast , i admit, but i asked him to promise me that if he ever had to break up he would do it to my face so i no he reli means it,(he had neva broken a promis he made)until 1day,i got dumped over the phone&it turned ugly wer we started havin ugly fights ova phone.he ended up putin my number on his reject list.anyway,mnths went by,i tryd d8n oda guys bt evry guy i dated i cod nt get him out my head,always comparin guys2him,non dat cod mak me feel as happy as i use2b wid him. anyway i ended up meeting a guy wu was so persistent with dating me, i ended up settlin with him trying24get abt the x,it turned out the x with da persistent bf had a friend both knew ( common denominator) so da x found out, he ends up calling me askin2meet up, i said no, nt known hw to face hm after da ugly fyt. eventualy hook up nly as friend,2days l8r broke up wid persis bf&wen da x came bk 4rm ovases hooked up agn&2gede4 4mnt
sexy8angel sexy8angel 31-35 4 Answers Aug 20, 2011

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Men don't like the horror that goes on when they reject a woman. She wants to know why, crys, trows stuff, can be dangerous. Men will often avoid this in a very shameful and cowardly way. Takes a real man to face a woman when their life turns upside down and when you are breaking up you are done with them and don't care what they are going thru. You cannot comfort them because you are what is causing the pain. Many men feel it is better if they dump from a distance. <br />
You need to let him go and stop letting him jerk your heartstrings.

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