Yeah, I know, I've put up such a stick about all of this, and I've even written a story! But what's up with the Questionator? Why is it that the average EPer can't muster up enough answers to match the number of answers that they do? I want the REAL EPers BACK!
PrincessMaine PrincessMaine 46-50, F 9 Answers Jun 21, 2012

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Maybe...if you put some thought into your questions before blurting them might get the results your looking for...

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I think you actually get a trophy for getting the BA on a questionator Q.

Wooo woo.


Besides, would you even want hundreds of answers? Not me!

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I answer way more questions from EP than I do from the "Questionator" I just look for questions worth answering.

Todays "Question of the Day" is "What is your least favorite day of the week?" Talk about a lame question! That's not much better than the EPers who ask, "Should I wear the blue shirt or the red one?" or "What do I feel like having for lunch?"

At least lots of EPers ask interesting, funny, intelligent or meaningful questions!

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Everyone wants to please the questionator (and captionator) to try and avoid jail sentences. They know you're not able to punish them.

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