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your uneasy about something, try finding a corner or position that makes you feel safe, if your scared of the dark try keeping a lamp on

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hello, princessblush,

i have done the same thing since my teenage years

............. not out of fear

................... but out of enjoyment

.......................... i really like that not quite asleep time

............................... my hearing becomes much more acute

i can stay on the edge of sleep, listening to music, for at least a couple of hours and i only do it when i am not working or studying the next day.

maybe you enjoy it, rather than being scared to sleep?

respect, from robbie

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That's called anxiety. It's when your mind is active and doesn't want to shut down. It's usually because your brain is busy thinking about things or working on something or what have you. But it could also be that your brain is not that active and you're bored but you just don't want to sleep. Now, if that's the case you'll need to ask why? Why do I not want to sleep? Do I want to keep doing what I'm doing? Do I not want to be alone? Am I a little scared in the dark?

Ask yourself why. And then ask yourself what the big deal is. What will happen when you go to sleep? Will you have bad dreams? Toss and turn? Wake up with back pain? What is it, really, that you're afraid of? Does the idea of so much time passing without even being aware of it bother you? The idea that you won't remember it? Is it that you just feel anxious about the idea that you're not in control of the process and that it gets you no matter what?

I have insomnia. I also do this sometimes. If you want to talk to someone and maybe help figure it out, you're always welcome to. In fact, I hope you do.

Stay calm. It's okay. I promise, it's okay.

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Thanks JoeEDangerously! :)

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You are very welcome. The offer is always open.

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You are thinking of things.

You don't want to get nightmares.


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