Money handed over to hoods to be spent persecuting rival tribes, etc. And when will the World Court take Geldof, Sting, & Co. to task for irritating moralizing, trampling flowers in the World Court's garden?
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And you believe EVERYTHING that is on tv right, i mean the billionaire moguls that own the media would never slant a story to suit thier own means would they?, dont think the Beeb is immune either

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Pretty much always feel the need to check it out, and, actually, the information checks out. I also always feel the need to be suspicious of anything coming out of a celebrity's mouth -- especially when they are making a moral appeal.

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Yeh the more dolphins I see in the ad the more suspicious I am, lol

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ALL organizations that spend money on tv to get you to send money to them have done the following> spent a LOT of that money on tv spots because they know it will pay off in MORE money , paid themselves and their wives and cousing that help a LOT of money for .. umm.. what do they call it?? administrating, yea, that's it...administrating.

as long as there is a penny of your donation sent on to the actually needy, they are legal.

the line between right and wrong is NOT black and white; it is many shades lof gray scale, knstead.

in every case at least one administrator gets more money than they ever should.

percentages for how much a specific organization spends on its promotoin are on the web, somewhere.

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